Thursday, April 30, 2015

Assignment 8 - Traditional Space

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 7 - Edges
14 April 2015

For this assignment we were to create a piece that shows either traditional spaces or equivocal spaces. I decided to try my hand at what was deemed the harder of the two. I used a disappearing edge to make to create a sense of space at the top but I definitely mistakenly flattened the piece by using a darker and more saturated color for the smaller rectangles that are supposed to be farther away.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Assignment 7 - Edges

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 7 - Edges
14 April 2015

For this assignment we were to create compositions that dealt with edges. The piece on top had to contain edges that disappear when looking at it while the second piece needed to have edges that vibrate, again making it hard to locate the exact edge of the piece.
I felt that my vibrating edges solution was better than my disappearing edges solution. I felt my design was stronger since it was made from scratch and I tried to keep placement of my shapes at interesting distances from each other. I also mined out the shapes like how we did in assignment two. I do believe my disappearing edges piece solves the problem just not in an interesting way, I did take a design from assignment two and tried to play with it in a way that would help the edges disappear. I also thing the extremely dark colors was a tad too easy way off making the edges disappear.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Assignment 6 - Transformations

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 6 - Transformations
2 April 2015

For this assignment I made two different color transformations. The first one (on top) was the easier one, using the same hue (green) but trying to match the change in brightness between the bigger squares and the smaller rectangles to give the illusion of transparency. For this particular piece I think I did alright except for the bottom rectangles which does not have enough difference in brightness between the two. Now for second, more difficult problem (on bottom) it was the same as the first with the addition of changing the colors by a single hue, again creating the illusion of transparency. My goal was to shift the hue towards red within the rectangles and to make it darker. Yet when I stepped away from this piece, not having my face so close to it, I noticed that the only one that moved darker was the rectangle on brown while the rest where brighter than the color they were on.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Assignment 5 - Transparency

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 5 - Transparency
24 March 2015

This assignment had to do with transparencies, of which we were taught about three of them in particular.
1. Additive
2. Subtractive
3. Topographical
Now we started by covering what additive and subtractive were. Additive being when the light intensity would increase and subtractive where the light intensity would decrease. For this assignment we where supposed to stay away from having either of these happen in our projects.
This left us with topographical which creates a sense of space. I feel that in both my easy and hard versions of this project I represented this well not having solutions that appeared to be additive or subtractive. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Assignment 4 - Color Interaction

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 4 -Color Interaction
12 March 2015

I thought the timing of this assignment was interesting due to the blow up of that dress the internet couldn't stop talking about. If you had any access to any forms of social media you were exposed to people debating on whether or not the dress was blue and black or white and gold. While that whole debacle was developing I was excited because I could say we are studying stuff like this in my art class! Anyways, I think color and how it interacts with each other and how it's really fluid makes for a pretty interesting study.

This part of the assignment called "Making Friends" where you take two colors that are different and make them look similar due to the background color it is on.

Here we have the part of the assignment named "Making Babies" due to the fact that we have two parent colors as the background that have traits reflected in the child color, the two smaller squares.

The final part of this assignment was called "Bullies and Pushovers." This is when you have the same color (small squares) on two different backgrounds that make it look like two different colors.

For this color hunt I had a hard time finding that reddish brown because in my mind I kept thinking of it as red, than rather closer to brown. I feel I got the closest in hue but not necessarily the brightness with the Land O Lakes Cocoa Classic. I have dubbed this reddish-brown color "Face In the Muddy Clay!" Now with that purple dusty plumb wanna-be I feel that it matches close to both the tentacle monster and the robed guy on the cover of Chez Cthulhu. I have dubbed this color "Hastur's Unspeakable Purple!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Assignment 3 - Light Intensity

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 3 - Light Intensity
24 February 2015

With this third assignment we were to develop visual sensitivity to value. I think after completing it I am better able to distinguish lighter and darker values even if they are close to one another. I did struggle at first with this assignment when it came to constructing the light intensity gradient. It was hard to wrap my mind around cutting pieces of different shapes and sizes to fit in that 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch square.

I ended up being more fond of my end product of my application of light and intensity gradient. I changed the design a little bit but only to create a greater sense of closure and overlap. My hope is that it still stands out as a good design.

And finally here is my quick formative exercise for this assignment.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Assignment 2 - Occult Balance

James (Tony) Lang
Assignment 2 - Occult Balance
10 February 2015

This assignment took a TON of time to complete but at the end of it I feel I am better versed in the vocabulary and concepts that are needed for the rest of this class. There were ten formative exercises that focused on certain concepts while moving shapes around a field and had me snap roughly thirty pictures each. To view these I have posted the links to my Dropbox folders for under the correlating formative exercise.
In both my designs in which I tried to make as different from each other I focused on the concepts of tension (overlap), fracture and figure ground. Also making sure to bring unity, variety, emphasis and focal point into my pieces as well.
While making this final piece I feel as it was a bit easier crafting it than my last assignment. For example, this time around I managed to get rid of all the left over rubber cement. I am more excited about shapes since starting this project!

Formative Exercise 1

Formative Exercise 2

Formative Exercise 3

Formative Exercise 4

Formative Exercise 5

Formative Exercise 6

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Formative Exercise 8

Formative Exercise 9

Formative Exercise 10